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No welcome on the mat that I lay No Malcolm in the middle of the gats that I spray I'm the amalgam in the middle of the capital, K? Shatter atoms at the capitol with rapid decay I'm radical clay, a polymorphous addict that's gay I shape-shifted from the slander now you faggots will pay I've had it today, I'm sick of all you maggots that prey on the fresh mess of flesh that I gathered this way Don't sleep, I'm a creep I have T-Rex limbs but I float like a boat in the deep end, Swim to the moon with the whales, Tom Cruise and such We could open up our sails and blunt cruise a dutch Don't snooze on the two's or you'll lose the clutch Peruse the news if you choose and you'll lose your touch Touch me, touch her. We're us, they're them We're rusty, dusty, must and phlegm. It's crusty, trust me don't trust him You must me just be huntin trim You can't put out what you put in When he goes out, is when I cum in Oops I just stole Lozzi's flow Put em up get em up for my homie though What? I can't control me bro. I got five other guys tryna blow me yo! Life in town is dim without a show now Everyone is spinning their own webs around I've been hiding in the woods tryna stay good Doing everything that a grown man should But the blade is heavy and the chips are stacked It's looking like I finally have to go back The system has broken all that I lack As I fall through the cracks on to thumb tacks and crumble real humbly, tumble so lovely, bubble so rumbly. Like rumbly in my tumbly, mumble so dumbly "I'm just so hungry I'd eat a whole cunt tree" I think I got the hunch B, You're leading just to munch the sweat from our humps. We carry pharaohs like chumps, we're plump in our rumps we're stumped, we've been trumped but the bass still bumps and our blood still pumps free!!! Back at it and I've had it again. I'm pullin rabbits out of hats out of habit my friend. I'm blackin out like the rabbit Acid stabbed with a pen. Pulling carrots out of faggot maggot character trends. Embarrassed for them, just like Martin Harris's friend. Mormon morons are more on than what you're on, pretend. I'm sicker than them, quicker than them. Bitch please I'm the Bees knees, trees blow thicker than them. So while you sleep, I'll be deep as my pretext is. On a beat, feel the heat as my reflex spins. Like I eat more candy than what D-Lex did. Like elite war anti-propagandists kids. Like elite whores Andy Milinakis did. Shakin after, cause I found out I have Parkinson's. Like "How the fuck we gonna stop this kid? He's wearing moccasins talking bout apocalypse. Ayo I'm rockin this, on some heartless shit. With no remorse or discourse when I'm mockin it. Cuz I'm startin it, now my hearts in it. Should of known from the start I'd be part of it. If the path isn't dark I'll be walkin it. Clear the block, grab the chalk when I'm talkin it. Park the mach on the dock when im poppin in Like Hark! "Who Goes..." (Smash) Stoppin it Life in town is dim without a show now Everyone is spinning their own webs around I've been hiding in the woods tryna stay good Doing everything that a grown man should But the blade is heavy and the chips are stacked It's looking like I finally have to go back The system has broken all that I lack As I fall through the cracks on to thumb tacks
W(indo)w 00:39
Open up a window, it's getting hot in here. Who's blazin up the indo? It smells like pot in here. Wait, what's that sound? Where'd my girlfriend go? It must be Diastro! Hell yeah, shake ya fist get ya dance on. It's facetime and she's grindin to my damn song. I'm kinda drunk tryna get my John Prance on. I'm on the internet and I can barely keep my pants on...
Karate chop to the top of ya face bitch BLAHHHWWW!!! I'm a super saiyan samurai try and stop me now. I blow through vocals booths like Goku vs. Tao and I broke sudoko rules like blokes who can't count. It's not a joke ya moke, fold ya broke arm and tap out. Dropkick Murphy's oilin up for ya blackout. Whack like Garcia vs. Judah when he backed out. Cactus jack, attack attack... pull the tack out! A dapper rapscallion steal ya gold medallion. Ya slackin on the tally sally quit ya dilly-dallyin. Fuck the Z force, DRC is what I'm rallyin. Close the door, kick out a whore and let an Ally in. My draggin ballz swing from left to right (Come on let ya draggin ballz swing) Kamehameha rhyme saya, fine dime slaya. Smokin Roshi all the time, and recline like a playa Spark a spliff with my mind, no hits for a hater But Ally's almost home so I guess I'll see you later...
Spring time and it feels so good Doing everything that a grown man should. Cleaning out brush and I'm burnin up wood. Building my home in the masshole hood. It's so easy to be me, the air's so breezy. Tryna raise a kid so I can't be sleezy, but I love it, I'm above it tell the whole world to shove it. Throw a fist in my face, blow a kiss and I'll hug it. The disgrace of this place is a waste, overcome it. Clear a space and erase the distaste, learn from it. Turn ashes into grass spilled out from an urn from it. Let it wilt and rot, start a fire, burn from it. Cuz it's my turn to shine, for my son is here. I used to walk backwards, now the path is clear. I used to snort dope, laugh, crack a beer. They used to talk smack, now they laugh and cheer... Sunny days sweepin the clouds away! Awake in the morning as soon as the sun is up Got this child in face like "Ayo, what's up? What's good with pancakes" scratch my head Who am I to argue? Yu're my best friend I'll pretend to be a monkey while you eat a banana My last names panamanan I'm the banana commanderI have appeal, it's been clear for years Ever since the time I got up in her mom's brassier It's in my DNA I love the cows and the panda bearsAnd we're here: at your school, walk you to the stairsI have a smile on my face when I'm back in the carHoping she don't tell her teacher I exposed her to GwarAnd we both sing Rush. No. Pause the song.For real. I sing Limelight and she sings along This one's for you, all you proud dads and momsWho's smiles when they're home, like oh yeah. It's on
Baby girl this song's for you the little cutie that I met that was dressed in blue everytime I sat next to youa reflex in my chest tried to test me too but your chest and the rest aint the best of you so much more I adore than my testes do I'll always love you but I never knew that I would fall in love with al lthe farts you do I knew right from the start you'd be the fart of my heart When me and you crack jokes the windows crack too and there's nothing else that I'd rather do than sit and play Mario Party 2 and fill up the room with the scent of you I never knew how much that I meant to you until you bent so content and you vented you All the love in my heart, it was meant for you but my heart is a fart that needs venting too.
I'm an asshole so I had to finish first. I diminish ya image then eat a can of spinach first. Pop eyes out of sockets, pop it, lock it, drop it. Stealin ladies pocket books and wallets try to stop it. Diastro: I'm the all white fool yo, Cooler Than Smack but not cooler than Coolio. Keep the nose powder, I blow oolies in pools yo. Baby laxative, I'm soft and off of my stool yo. So hey bartender, hit me with a double. I'm fly, I swan-dive, then I crash in to rubble. Shit, I'm looking for trouble like "Planet X" through the Hubble. Im just rubbin my stubble checkin that girl with the bubble. And everything you heard about me is true. Read up on my whack facts, this is "Slander pt 2". So what the fuck you gonna do? Roll up with DRC crew usin bubble guns for fun when we shoot up ya school (cool) I'm that asshole Diastro So kill your parents, I'm an antichrist beast. Kill a terrorist, therapist, kill a motherfucking priest. Pop pills like the actress on my mattress under sheets. Take a whole sheet of acid, smack an ass then repeat: I hate that fucking Devin kid, that Devin kid's a fake. Don't trust that fucking Devin kid, that Devin kid's a snake. I wish that fucking Devin kid was burned at the stake. I wanna make him hurt inside, I wanna watch him break. So shh shhake ya bones. Fffake ya moans. As long as there's a naked bitch for me when I come home and my home could be a box, on the dark side of the moon. I could be all by myself screaming "AHH the fucking loons". Thinking about it now, I should probably do it soon because the puppet president is making everybody swoon. So peace out bitch, I flip the switch like a toon!
PoweR Anger 01:51
Blast off to nowhere like Powerman. Fuck Kanye, I'm lovin all this power man. My wrath devours towers aross the land But what the fuck's a "Weranger"? I don't understand... Danger Will Robinson.Houston, I'M the problem. It's up to be and me alone to fight and try to stop them. Reptilian humanoids and illuminati squadron, Secret handshake uppercut, haymaker pop em like... POW! WERANGER? Blast off, rock it, kinda like a rocket My squad sounds sirens makin yall drop it, chyeah. clearly we're the sikkest in the stratusphere (Yupp) We breaking through all levels of the atmosphere like... POW! WERANGER? We're in outerspace now, I seen a mothership flyin. Looking down at mother earth while everyone is dyin. I'm tryin to convince my self that I should head back, in the side of my shuttle opens up a small crack I'm sucked out through the hole I'm and thrown back down. The smog from the skyscrapers turns the blue sky brown. Looking around at the town I can't believe what I found. I'm at the Federal reserve so I dig up the ground.
The federal reserve deserves to get robbed, bunch of crooks and snobs slobbin nobs for a job. And isn't it ironic breaking through these walls? Iconic place erased; dissolved, never existed at all. I'm feeling tall like a pillar; check mate. I got the one eye spy. You could call it tech fate. I'm so sick of the liars and the murderous fiends that I'm takin the power back; rage the against machine Climb to the top of that thing let's go. We've got no time to waste. So make haste; let's roll. I feel the situation slippin and I'm losing control like when Obama said "were closing down Guantanamo" Oh shit dude, duck! I'm just playing that's goose. There's a snack cart here if you're needin some juice. but they got no gin so come on; move ya kaboose. Quit snoopin, get troopin, they just let the dogs loose... We're ducking tech's... What are you fucking wet? Why did we leave? We didn't even get the fucking money yet! So turn back around, we'll drive through this secret passage. Pick up the pace man, they're still gaining on our asses. Crash through a brick wall now I see the bricks of gold. They're shimmering and glimmering let's grab em and roll Deliver them to people who are starving and poor. The women and the children and the sick and much more. I hope there's an escape pod or else we're done for...
peopleattack 00:56
All I hear is... Boom, the sound vibrates the room the echo, the echo of our certain doom They're hungry, I see the hungry figures loom their waiting, patiently waiting to consume the incremental flesh, I can smell their lingering breath. They feed of fear and death and wont stop until there's nothing left. The illusion of time is a crime I unbind. The record player stops the great hand hits rewind Shatter all these constraints and forget the forsaken saints all the artists that have dipped into this tainted paint Keep your eyes on the watch-tower thoughts are waves the camera never lies when you're a screen made slave Moving on to the distant stars far past Ceres and mars the giants feel the scars from the resonating bars the last pass through this space Neptune feels the quake, the horn winged disk awakes and breaks centuries of mistakes Now I know, the glow, the flow The cycle has begun But beware the air impairs So hold your fragile lungs Open your mind, close your eyes and release the beast inside Don't resist, clench your fist and insist that you exist you must persist, you cannot lose It's it's prophesied, (you cannot chose) Envision bond-less slaves manifest thought relayed reconstruct the decayed bring light to the afraid But I am so ashamed my evil thoughts untamed its a part of the game, you have to take the blame I hope you that you all just forget me. And shit, I hope your glad that I'm gone. After I die, my words will live on This is my message to the human race I'm saying goodbye. I'm now without a face Follow me into the depths of the mind the humorous antics of tantric entwined With eyes facing inward you'll never be blind take a look around just to see what you find monsters are lurking deep under our skin the plight of mankind is reflected through sin where it all ends is where it will begin its revealed in our blood it lives on through our kin Shatter all these constraints and forget the forsaken saints the artists that have dipped into this tainted paint Keep your eyes on the watch-tower thoughts are waves the camera never lies to a screen made slave Moving on to the distant starsfar past Ceres and mars the giants feel the scars from the resonating bars of the last pass through this space Neptune feels the quake, the horn winged disk awakes and breaks centuries of mistakes Behold the violence we bring on this day. Casting them out to cauterize the spread of decay. I can't seem to find my way out of this wretched of rain. I can't can't seem to wrap my head around this cursed brain. Hold on to me tightly now, don't stray off from the course. Minotaur sacks and saddle backs, a half man and half horse (of course).
youlowG 00:32
Colorblind 03:41
If you're reading this it happened, but it happened in a flash. All that's left is this little paper hidden under the dash cuz' trash piles up when you don't get rid of it Balloons blow away and you chase it like a kid again and I'm so sorry to everyone I left behind. These blues eyes died the day I became colorblind. A love that I shoved deep down inside so I'd never find the hurt that I worked so hard to justify My lust and pride, must've come from my dad. Fuck that, my sperm donor. Be real; color me bad. If I had half the things that you had, it' true dad I wouldn't be where I'm at now and it's so sad. I'm so glad that it happened that way cuz I would never be the man that I am today. So sit up in your tower as the walls start to fall reflect on messes you made so many ways from your balls. I'm appalled that a man could do that to his son. I smear shit to cleanse myself from all that fucking filth that you've done. I stumbled out from the shade and walked into the sun, but your shadow still remains. So I fade out and run. Because I never had a chance, never got my ends I never really got the chance to dance cuz my knees bend I keep losing all my family, keep losing all my friends so I'm leaving this eden and going back to where it all began It all began, down in Squirrel Island Road I was just a little kid, eatin Ice cream ala mode. I walked up to the kitchen window and Mom was crying, She was fed up with all dad's beatin, cheatin and lyin. She was living a life, but had died inside. Although she tried to hide it I could see it in her eyes. She smashed every single dish and threw every single mug. Then walked away and said "You clean it up you fuck". She said "Devin, if he every touches us again. We're packing up, we're leaving, never coming back again". I made her promise me she meant it because I knew he was demented. I watched him drag her up the stairs by her hair, face dented. On her birthday over blankets if you believe that shit. He bashed her head on the head board, he said "eat that bitch". He said "Girls are toys, use them and leave that shit" He showed me how to turn a life to mess, then eat that shit. And aint that rich? When he left, he did it again. We struggled to survive, he signed checks for friends. While your abused kids suffered, you muffled our screams While your new kids tousled, we tried to salvage crushed dreams Tried to mend, end it quickly. It sickly didn't stop. Therapy until I turned 18, so thank you pops. Maybe that's the reason I got these anger problems. I was cursed from the manger and there's no resolving revolving door of people in and out of my life, never had a father figure so I disfigured the strife. Carvin my arms like a pumpkin with Lee's old knife. Makin any hole that I could with this needle nice. The weed's alright, the only thing that kept me stable. When the medications they were feeding me, no longer able. Incapable of feeling any emotion, so insane. Daily dreams of dying, tryna blow out my brains and in my brain, I remember the day that Curtis Pires told everyone why you really went away. Everyone started hating me and calling me names, so I had to place to ever get away from the shame. Maybe that's why I run when I'm confronted with pain. It's like my unnerved nerves are preserved the same. It's like how Justin flipped the board when he was losing a game. It's like how razors work better cutting against the grain. I tried to flip it, flip the whole world the bird. It's absurd, that things like this even occur. If I can't fight with fists then I'm using my word. Maybe now my screaming voice can be finally heard. Because I never had a chance, no I never got my ends I never really got the chance to dance cuz my knees bend I keep losing all my family, I keep losing all my friends and so I'm leaving this eden and going back to where it all began. It all began the day that you made me. The moment they cut the chord, pulled me out and weighed me The moment you decided in your mind when it was hazy. Daddy had a baby and the baby went crazy. Daddy had a drug problem so this is what he gave me. Daddy didn't want a baby maybe he was lazy Maybe he liked fuckin little kids instead of ladies Maybe he was colorblind of another kind, just maybe cuz' trash piles up when you don't get rid of it Balloons blow away and you chase it like a kid agaim and I'm so sorry to everyone I left behind. These blues eyes died the day I became colorblind
Memories ripple like drops of rain. The surface of the water reflects the pain. Everything's different so much has changed. The pattern of the fractals have rearranged, but we're still the same pawns in a played out game. The same motion picture, just a different frame and everyone's looking for someone to blame because nobody wants to face their own shame. So we hide behind the dames and the fame, reside inside the smoke and the flame, tried to fly but no wings remain cuz we lied and died inside our own brains. Pretend to mend the wounds once again, dance and prance on stage for our friends, pant and rant about slanted trends but we can't recant so we chant for the end We're stars with cars and we spit hot bars, move our fingers so fast on our guitars. Our bass melts face, the drums are tight. We're running from stage left over to stage right The light's are bright in spite of our plight the sights that fright aren't quite as outright The hole in our souls are filled but not quite when the curtain drops we fight off the night We Fight Off The Night Outro: "Hip Hop & Life" by Alan Watts recited by D. Respect


The Story of DIASTRO begins on a planet not so far away, in a time of not too long ago...
It was the summer of 2008, and he was itching to make music after the disbanding of progressive metal band SOUL TO RUIN. Inspired by alot of drugs, he recorded a cover of Necro's "Who's Your Daddy?" with at that time TORMENTED REALITY, Dave Gannon (PATIENT 0) as joke. The song quickly circulated around the local rap/metal scene, which caught the interest of local rap group "Sikka Than Most" aka "The Barkley Boys". Anywho... Diastro joined up with them and recorded "Saying Goodbye to Who I Used to Be", his first serious solo track, collaborated on "Monstuh Statuhz" (unreleased), and "Flyin' to The Sky", but after a few shows, they parted ways and Diastro went solo becoming something completely new... an asshole.
After releasing his self-titled EP in 2010 he joined metal phenomenon THAT ORGANISM JENOVA and put down hip-hop for a while. They released THE SECOND CUMMING EP in 2011, played tons of shows with acts like BORN OF OSIRIS, AFTER THE BURIAL, ALL THAT REMAINS, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, IN THIS MOMENT, ATTILA, A HERO A FAKE, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, TAPROOT, JOEY BELADONNA and many more but broke up after a couple of years because it's terrible difficult to juggle 4 girlfriends... instead of giving up, he began playing more and more shows as a solo artist and taking hip-hop more seriously (kinda). This caught the attention of local hip-hop legends COOLER THAN SMACK and they asked him to join their group of Drugrat hooligans DRC, which he obviously accepted being a long time fan of theirs. He has been featured on multiple tracks for DRC's Mixtapes "How The Rich Stole Christmas" in 2012, and "Yo... That's Retarded" in 2013. We now present to you, his first full length album "The Diastro LP"...
So what are you waiting for?
Go peep that shit SUCKAS, maybe you'll see him around sometime, maybe at A BAR AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!


released November 12, 2013


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