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A Bar At The Edge Of The Universe




Pass me a beer!
I'm out of here, I'm traveling through space
I've lived long and I've prospered but I'm sick of this place.
So I unbind devine design and I dip out, no trace
All that's entwined will remind what we've wasted with haste
I've lost my whole entire family, I've lost all my friends
I'm fighting this eternal battle, but it never will end.
There's nothing but blackness as far as I see.
No single solitary voice keeping me company.
I'm losing my fucking grip now, I'm losing my head
at home and way out here everyone wants me dead
I'm starting to finally think that I'll never go back
because this vast dark abyss is really making me crack
I've lost all my ambition now I've lost all of my drive
I'm no longer feeling like I'm even alive
No single solitary voice keeping me company.
I'm alone in this lonely space odyssey
So try and breathe in deeply the absence of air
Fill up your lungs with despair and pretend like you care
Enter the warmth of this void, and be destroyed like the toy
of a grown up boy who's twisted, bored and annoyed
I'm just a man, and I tried did the best that I can
I fought minotaurs with saddle backs, I saved the whole land
and I know in the end it's all part of the plan
but I'm so wrought with confusion from the blood on my hands
I washed the whole full length then I threw it away
Things that are Epic, tend die off turn to shit and decay.
So if you can't tell by this how I'm feeling today,
you'll never get, but don't sweat it, I forgive you. Ok?


from DiASTRo EP, released May 27, 2014


all rights reserved



CULT MUZIC California

Cult Muzic Media is an independent record/media company devoted to releasing underground music from all genres.

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