PoweR Anger

from by CULT MUZIC



Blast off to nowhere like Powerman.
Fuck Kanye, I'm lovin all this power man.
My wrath devours towers aross the land
But what the fuck's a "Weranger"? I don't understand...
Danger Will Robinson.Houston, I'M the problem.
It's up to be and me alone to fight and try to stop them.
Reptilian humanoids and illuminati squadron,
Secret handshake uppercut, haymaker pop em like...


Blast off, rock it, kinda like a rocket
My squad sounds sirens makin yall drop it, chyeah.
clearly we're the sikkest in the stratusphere (Yupp)
We breaking through all levels of the atmosphere like...


We're in outerspace now, I seen a mothership flyin.
Looking down at mother earth while everyone is dyin.
I'm tryin to convince my self that I should head back,
in the side of my shuttle opens up a small crack
I'm sucked out through the hole I'm and thrown back down.
The smog from the skyscrapers turns the blue sky brown.
Looking around at the town I can't believe what I found.
I'm at the Federal reserve so I dig up the ground.


from DIASTRO LP, released November 12, 2013


all rights reserved



CULT MUZIC California

Cult Muzic Media is an independent record/media company devoted to releasing underground music from all genres.

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