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That Asshole Diastro (Feat. Dark Matter)




I'm an asshole so I had to finish first.
I diminish ya image then eat a can of spinach first.
Pop eyes out of sockets, pop it, lock it, drop it.
Stealin ladies pocket books and wallets try to stop it.
Diastro: I'm the all white fool yo,
Cooler Than Smack but not cooler than Coolio.
Keep the nose powder, I blow oolies in pools yo.
Baby laxative, I'm soft and off of my stool yo.
So hey bartender, hit me with a double.
I'm fly, I swan-dive, then I crash in to rubble.
Shit, I'm looking for trouble like "Planet X" through the Hubble.
Im just rubbin my stubble checkin that girl with the bubble.
And everything you heard about me is true.
Read up on my whack facts, this is "Slander pt 2".
So what the fuck you gonna do?
Roll up with DRC crew
usin bubble guns for fun when we shoot up ya school (cool)

I'm that asshole Diastro

So kill your parents, I'm an antichrist beast.
Kill a terrorist, therapist, kill a motherfucking priest.
Pop pills like the actress on my mattress under sheets.
Take a whole sheet of acid, smack an ass then repeat:
I hate that fucking Devin kid, that Devin kid's a fake.
Don't trust that fucking Devin kid, that Devin kid's a snake.
I wish that fucking Devin kid was burned at the stake.
I wanna make him hurt inside, I wanna watch him break.
So shh shhake ya bones. Fffake ya moans.
As long as there's a naked bitch for me when I come home
and my home could be a box, on the dark side of the moon.
I could be all by myself screaming "AHH the fucking loons".
Thinking about it now, I should probably do it soon
because the puppet president is making everybody swoon.
So peace out bitch, I flip the switch like a toon!


from DIASTRO LP, released November 12, 2013


all rights reserved



CULT MUZIC California

Cult Muzic Media is an independent record/media company devoted to releasing underground music from all genres.

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